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Monday, March 22, 2010

Some new ideas

I have been working on some new ideas for spring and summer. Of course when spring comes you think of handbags and a cute easter bonnet  (well not necessarily a bonnet but maybe a cute flower headband.)

This first one is a child's handbag and matching headband.
The handbag is $8.00
The headband is $5.00
They are made out of embroidered fleece and the handbag is lined with pink and white striped cotton.
This bag is made from felted recycled wool and the outside is decorated with felted wool flowers. $35.00
This bag is hand knitted felted wool and the flowers are felted wool as well. $45.00

This is also a handknitted felted wool bag and the flower is felted wool. $45.00
I have some more felted wool flower headbands that will be coming so keep checking so you can have a cute spring bonnet as well. Of course I will do special orders if requested. Have a great day!

1 comment:

Lana said...

Donene- I LOVE this. You have such cute ideas all of the time. Im so glad you are finally making a craft blog so I can copy all of your great ideas, I will look like such a great mom when Im done copying ;)


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