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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Upcycled t-shirt!

Now I have another up cycled project to show you. Which would be great for those kids who needs a back to school shirt!

I found this t shirt for $5.00 at Target (pronounced Targhay for those of you who like the french pronunciation.)
It was a little plain and needed something to give it some wow!
I had some white cotton scraps of fabric (actually it was the bottom of a dust ruffle that I no longer needed.)
I made some rolled flowers of different sizes.

I then attached them with a needle and thread, I found this was the easiest and would withstand washing better.
I then started with the largest flower in the middle and graduated sizes to the top.
It made the neckline say wow!  and I loved how it turned out.
I combined it with a cute jacket that believe it or not I found at one of my favorite stores.
(remember Divine Inspirations, yup, that's where I got it!)

Added a belt to the waist and I am thinking a cute pink flower on the lapel would perfectly finish this outfit! What do you think? Total for the outfit including the jacket $10.00!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Divine Inspirations!

There is this thrift store where I live that is called the DI and I have decided that the initials stand for Divine Inspiration. Every time I go in there I find something that I can makeover or a new project that I can start on. You never know what you will find there but that is part of the fun! ( the finding!) I am in Florida this week and having so much fun, by the way! Before I left though, I had visited the DI and found this sweater combination. I had seen some cute cardigans around that were embellished with flowers and because I had a 2 piece set it was perfect for what I had in mind.

Here is the cute yellow sweater set.
I cut out 2 different sizes of flower from the shell part of the sweater.
Then I thought,"Oh, wouldn't it be cute to make a belt to match! So, I found a wide piece of elastic that I had and cut the fabric to go around the elastic.
Then I made some cute rolled flowers and attached them to felt to hold them into place.
I sewed the tube of fabric and pulled the elastic through.
Finished off the edges and sewed 3 hook and eyes to the back.
I then attached the rolled flowers.
Here is the finished divine inspiration!
The belt which is quite comfortable because of the elastic.
The flowers on the neckline and I also attached some fabric knots to go between the flowers.
Here it is! I love how it turned out and believe it or not the whole project just cost $6.00!!
You can't beat that!

Yes, I think I like this Divine Inspiration store!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Before and After ( I am being very brave!!)

I have been on a journey for the last 12 weeks, I decided that I have done so many before and after projects around my home, that it was time I did a before and after project on myself!  I started the Kristi Approved, Live the Life back in May. (Click here if you would like to know more!)  I was feeling a little sluggish and it seemed like I had no energy and just didn't feel good most of the time. My daughter told me about this program and said,"Mom you won't feel like you are on a diet because you get to eat so much food! She told me that there was a 7 day challenge  and that you could try it for Free!  I decided I would try the challenge and see if I liked it or not. I tried the challenge and thought,"Okay, I can do this! I I felt so great after eating the nutritious foods and doing the work outs that I decided to do the 12 week program.  I took my before picture and after looking at it I thought," Oh, I need help!" You have to remember that I am a 55 year old Grandma.  I thought, "will I ever be able to look like I did when I was in my 20's!"  I love being a Grandma but I want to have the energy and stamina to keep up with all of my kids and Grand kids! This week will be the end of my 12 weeks and I have lost 27 pounds, 6 inches off of my waist and 6 inches off my hips. Wow, do I feel great! I am going to continue to Live the Life because I love feeling so healthy and I have so much more energy. I am really hesitant to put my before and after pictures on my blog because I really do not like my before picture! So I will show you some of my after pictures and just keep scrolling and you will see the before.

My cat had to get in on the photo shoot!

Here he is again!
Okay, here are the before and afters. I really love the look on my before picture (are you kidding me!) It is good that my swim suit was so stretchy! Actually in my after pictures I had to buy another bottom to my suit because the other one was too big!!

Oh, I am so hating the before!
So, do you think you would like to try and Live the Life? Just click here and you can try the 7 day challenge as well! There is also a Live the Life for Men, click here! I am going to continue with this, because who wouldn't want to feel good all of the time? Who knew? 55 could feel so great!
Check out a contest that is going on go here and Please go and vote for me!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grand Camp!

We were able to have our 2nd annual Grand Camp on the Friday night that everyone was here and we survived another year!  We held it on Monte Cristo and  we couldn't have asked for a better night. Old three toes did not get us and we made it back safe and sound. ( well I don't know if we were sound or not but we were safe!)
McKenly really wanted to stay but she will have to wait until she is a little older.
She did get to say good bye to all of her brothers and Grandpa and she can't wait until it is her turn to come. Livy can't wait either until Sofia and McKenly can join her because she is a little out numbered!
Here is the parting shot before the Mom's drove off!
Here is another and now you can see happy Livy!
We started out with going on a hike, here we all are getting ready to take off.
Livy always got to be first because she is the girl and we taught all of the boys about girl manners.
We made it to our destination and as you can see, all of these boys take after their Grandpa, they are "Tree Huggers" too!!

Yep, Kace is a "Tree Hugger".
Evan is one too!
Layne is a "Tree Hugger"
Tydon and Jaedon tried to be "Tree Huggers"
Bryce tried too and Livy just decided she wasn't a "Tree Hugger"
We came back and roasted hot dogs and s'mores.
Then we did Indian dances around the fire as you can see these Indians were fast moving!

This looks like this Kace Indian is jumping through the fire but he was so quick the fire jumped right through him!
Then of course before we went to bed we had to have a story from Grandpa. Of course the story had to include "3 Toes" and as you can see we had to end the story quickly because it was getting dark and the story was getting a little intense. We had a great Grand Camp and look forward to having it again next year. Maybe we can all keep our "strikes" next year!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Kindle bag!

I wish I had a Kindle, I love to read and I love all of the cool features they have. If I had one I would definitely want it to have a comfy home like this. I was asked to do a special order for a Kindle bag. It had to be about the size of a Kindle and have a nice strap on it to hang on your shoulder, so if you were on the go and wanted to put your story down you could just slip it in the bag and then pick up reading when you were finished doing whatever it was that you were doing.

This is what I came up with, I nice felted comfy bag for your Kindle!!

It had to look like it belonged to a girl, and because flowers are so cute on bags, it had to have that as the embellishment.

The leaves were sewn on and the bottom petals were sewn with the machine and then I did the rest with a needle and thread.

I made a pocket to go on the back so you could stash, ear phones or whatever needed to be stashed.

The front flap has a magnetic snap, it looks like a button but the snap is underneath.

Here is my version of a Kindle bag! Happy reading to all you Kindle owners out there. I think this is making me want to have one. Maybe if I make another bag the Kindle will come :)


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