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Sunday, October 28, 2012


I made this banner this week and used my embroidery machine to do the applique.
I made the triangles from felt and the embroidered on top of them.

I had some black and white gingham that I had used for a quilt edging and I used that to attach the banner.

I had some purple tulle and then added the orange fabric, (You will never guess where I got the orange fabric, those in my family my recognize it) One morning I got up and noticed this shirt that Mr. Jones had thrown away.  I saw the orange and thought, (that's just what I need for my banner!) It was an old deer hunting orange shirt that had seen better days.  I threw it in the washing machine and after it was dried I shredded it!

It kind of makes the banner POP! don't you think!

I used different scraps for the appliqued letters.

and a little bit of black and  white polka dot ribbon.

It was quick to make and was just what I needed for the Halloween party.

Last year my sisters started a Halloween party for all of our grand kids, so we had another party this year.  We were all in charge of different games and food and it was much easier with more help. We started of with making some cute little bags to put their treats in.

Then we had the food because everyone was hungry! The jello worms made in straws were a big hit, (they looked so real the younger ones didn't even want to try, even though they were delicious!)

A little brain would taste good.

witches fingers from string cheese and green peppers.

a close up of the worms, YUMMMM

More kids making their bags.

A princess came to the party.

Food for the princess.

Then there were games, pumpkin bean bag toss.
bowling for ghosts

fishing for spooky prizes

Thanks Mom, for your help and do you recognize the banner?

More pumpkin tossing

Then making monster cupcakes.

they were very creative in their monster endeavors.

There were all kinds of monsters.

eating the embellishments was most of the fun.

a monster trap

a scary monster.

a spiky monster,

monster eating another monster

mmm, that was good!
and then the Halloween parade! (Yes, there is snow! that's why we didn't hold it outside this year.)

lots of spooky kids!

and angels.


here's all the little spooks,

and here's all the big spooks! It was a fun day!
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aviator hat

I made a pattern for this hat and I was trying to see if I could get a little person to model it.  I first tried this big guy, but he definitely had a problem holding still.  I kind of got some action shots but that was bout it!

He was too busy playing and didn't want to hold still long enough for grandma to take a picture.

Now this little guy knew exactly what to do and I could have just kept snapping pictures.

He was perfect and of course, I got some great shots of him.  I think he is still young enough and was wondering what the heck Grandma was doing!

He shows off this hat pretty good don't you think!

This is a great hat for keeping his little ears warm.

Thanks little guy, you made the hat absolutely adorable!


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