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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Crochet hat

 I finished this hat this last week just in time for my grand daughter to model it for me.
I don't get to have her here very often because she lives far away. So I had to take advantage of this cute little model.
 I made this hat with a light weight cotton, (because it is starting to feel like summer here! )

I made a triple, well I guess it was a quadruple flower to add to it and the orange sherbet color just screams summer to me. (Don't you just love this cute little face! I think I am a little biased because I am her grandma!)

I did add some small crocheted circles to the edges of the flowers, you can kind of see them in this picture.

It sure was fun having all of my Grand kids here this last week.

Yes, we have 9 boys and 3 girls!

 It would not be complete without our silly faces.

Thanks Miss Sofia for being my cute model. I'm working on some more hats so they can all have a turn.
(hmm, maybe I will change my mind, that is 12 hats!!!)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yo-yo flowers

I made this  flower necklace for my daughter's birthday. It was  a quick way to make a flower. 
I started with five cream fabric yo-yo pinwheels.  To make the fabric yo-yo's cut out some fabric circles, use the gathering stitch around the edges and then flatten the circle with the stitching in the center.
After making the yo-yo's position them on a piece of felt and then hot glue them into place.
Then add another yo-yo to the center. I used a smaller one on the top. I cut out some leather leaves and stitched around the edges.  To finish the center I used 3 brown beads and added them onto the top of the smaller yo-yo.

I added a pin attachment to the back of the flower and cut the felt on the back. I then pinned it to the side of a double set of beads. I figured if she didn't want to wear it as a necklace she could wear it as a pin or add the pin to the outside of a bag or whatever she wanted to pin it on!

It looks way cute on her and I hope she liked it.

My daughter love to bake and to celebrate all of the birthdays we have this next month she had a cupcake war. (with herself!) She made all of these delicious cupcakes for the birthdays and celebrating  Father's day.
 We had chocolate black berry creams. banana with cinnamon cream cheese icing, strawberry with lemon cream icing,  and carrot zucchini with cream cheese and almonds. Yes, they were all Delicious!

My favorite was the strawberry with lemon cream icing.

There were so yummy!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A quick glam on a lunch box!

My faraway grand kids are here this week and yesterday Olivia needed something to put all of her treasures in.  I looked around in my craft room and had forgotten that I had bought this lunchbox at an outlet store a while back. I bought it because it had Olivia printed on the front and I have a sweet Olivia! It had a couple of rips down the front side but they only went through the front fabric. (I should have taken a before picture so you could see the rips!)
I found some pink thread and with a needle stitched up the tear in the fabric. When I was finished I thought, hm mm we need something to hide that bigger rip down the side.

You can see the rip at the bottom that has been stitched. We, meaning Olivia and I , (because she loves to make things and was by my side through the whole process.) found some felt and leather and hot glued the flowers right over the rip.  We layered different sizes of flowers and then added a polka dot button.

She loved it! and told me "Grandma, this is reeealy cute!"  She was so excited to have a new bag for all of her treasures.

Thanks Olivia for helping me make this cute lunchbox/ bag!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wedding Ideas...

I want to share a fun wedding!  Yesterday my niece was married and she had the cutest wedding ever!  My sister is very talented and her ideas are so unique that I want to share them with you.
Here is a picture of the happy couple and of course they had to have a picture with Ruby who has been in my sister's family a long while.

When you came in the front walk you were greeted with this fun bed.

and of course it was used to hold the bed of gifts!

This is the sign in table, with the book that my sister made.

Isn't is cute with the hanging window,

and chic chandelier!

The picture frame is an old window as well with a cute fabric print framing the happy couple's picture.

The tables are set and ready.

Here is a cute old fashioned cart with Cake Pops!
I loved the bright green moss base.

and of course they were given for a thank you to all who came.

A cute photo gallery using old doors and screens for the back drop.

This is such a cute way to display photo's using twine and clothes pins!

The bouquet for the bride to throw after, is tied to the doorknob.

Look how cute this bouquet is, it is loaded with treats, movie tickets, a small picture frame and everything a single girl would need to get her on her way to getting some marriage prospects. I would have loved this if I was single and caught the bouquet!

Next comes the dessert buffet, on a literal buffet!

They were delicious! Fruit pizzas on cookies, mini raspberry tarts, and brownie triangles.

I loved her cake! Chocolate fondant as the top layer, crushed pistachio red velvet cake on the second layer, and a lemon raspberry on the bottom layer. Of course an antique sewing machine was the stand for the cake.

 Isn't it beautiful!

Even the water and punch bowl had an antique feel.

What better for refreshments for the wedding than your own private taco bar.

Yes, they served tacos right from the stand!

They were the best taco's!

You can get your condiments here and the chips are on the table!

I tried to get a picture of cute Hazel the flower girl but she was a little shy. I loved watching her go down the aisle throwing handfuls of rose petals like they were baseballs and when she ran out of petals she grabbed the other flower girls basket and started throwing her petals as well. It was pretty cute!

Cute Violet with her darling dress as well. (My sister made all of the cute dresses!)
It was a fun day and I think my sister is pretty amazing for pulling off such a fun wedding!
Loved it!!


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