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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bottle cap jewelry

We had a YW class activity on Tuesday night and I wanted to show you how creative these girls are. They decided in one of our class planning meetings that one night a month they each wanted to take a turn to teach the rest of us some type of creative skill. This month Karlee taught us how to make bottle cap jewelry. I had never seen this done and thought it was so clever and they turned out so very CUTE!
You start with bottle caps and cut out scrap book paper (so the designs you can make are endless.) WE found that a quarter was just the right template for the size of the bottle cap.

Deciding what color and pattern to use was the hardest part of the night.
You can add any kind of scrap booking brad that you want or use a letter sticker for your own special monogram.
Decide where you want your brad to be and use a nail and a hammer to make the hole for the brad. Then to make sure the hole matches up with the paper put the paper circle on the bottle cap an poke the nail through the opposite side to make a hole in the paper.
Then use the number one staple for many crafts, you guessed it, MOD PODGE! First coat the bottle cap with a fine film of this great stuff and then hold it firmly in place and open your brad on the other side. Then give a coat  on the outside trying not to get it on the brad. WE found it doesn't look as cute if the mod podge gets on the brad.
Then if you want a little sparkle to your jewelry use just good old glitter polish. This adds just the right amount of BLING!
Then use a small round clamp to go through the punched hole in the edge of the bottle cap. If you were making a bracelet, you will need a hole on each side. Use 2 needle nose pliers to pry the circle open and thread it through the hole.
There is the hole!
Thread your chain through the circle.

Ta DA! isn't it cute!
The bracelets are adorable!
You can also make an interchangeable bracelet by putting a washer on the bracelet and then putting a small magnet on the back of the bottle cap. It is amazing how strong that little magnet is. Then you can interchange your bottle caps with whatever you want.

I think these are very cute too. What if you made one in each of the Value colors! Oh, the possibilities are endless!!!
These girls are just the best! and come up with the cutest ideas! We have so much fun every Tuesday night! Have fun making your bottle cap jewelry!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Knit headbands

These are some knit headbands that I finished over the weekend. I made the smaller one first and then decided I needed it a little bigger, so I added a few more rows and made another one. I was making it for  a friends daughter and thought the smaller one would be too small. It is really cute on but I didn't have a model, except myself so, you will just have to believe me that it is really cute on. I kind of made up the pattern and started with 6 cast on stitches and then expanded and decreased from there. I then crocheted around the edge with a contrasting color and crocheted a triple flower  and added a polka dot button for the center.

You know it was kind of funny that this knitted headband craze has not hit the East Coast yet. I see a lot of them here on the West Coast but my daughter who lives on the East coast said she had not seen any where she lives. Maybe it is just a Utah, Idaho thing! Maybe we will have to start a new fashion statement in the East. They look adorable on and I made these from cotton so you can still wear them here, I should clarify that it snowed today, even though it is supposed to be SPRING!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thanks for the award!!

Thanks to Kami at Sweet Charli for this blog award!

I don't have too many followers but I do follow quite a few blogs so I am very honored that  she would think of me. You will have to check out her blog by clicking on her link above.
In order to receive this award you have to promise to share this with 10 other BLOGS that you think are Trendy too! It is just that simple.

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So here are my picks of Trendy Blogs that I love.
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I'm Back!

I'm back from the East Coast and my trip was fantastic, I was able to do so many fun things and visit with my grand kids! I was also able to see my son in law graduate from Penn State medical school!! Before I left I made my Mom her Mother's day gift  and sent it off in the mail since I wouldn't be able to be there on Mother's Day. I decided to make some leather flowers mixed with some beads that I had.

While I was making these I decided to experiment with different combinations, so I made a single flower with beads and then I  did a combination of beads and leather flowers on a watch band for my copper watch.
This is the one I made for my Mom and I also gave her a leather flower pin to match. She called me as soon as it arrived and she said, "She loved it!" Of course Mom's always love every gift they get, but I loved it too!
I tried it on to see how it looked, don't you love those veins! (Nurses always notice veins, and lust after big ones, especially when they are having a difficult time finding a vein to start an IV.)
Here is the single rose, it looks quite dainty on the wrist.
This is the watch band and I was able to wear it with or without the watch and it looks great both ways.
I'm glad to be back home but it was so fun to go for awhile and have some great times with my daughter and her cute little family!!
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Random questions Hoo are you?

I am participating in Hoo are You?

1. What is your favorite flavor?

My favorite flavor is lemon! I love anything with lemon in it!

2, What was or is your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school was Biology! I  loved playing with worms and learning about the insides of things. I guess that is why I am a nurse.

3. What are some of your hobbies?

I love sewing, crocheting , knitting and of course most anything crafty.  I love to garden, hike, and paint anything!

4. Do you prefer fruits or vegetables?

I love fruits and veggies, if I had to pick one it would probably be fruit

5. What color of eyes do you have?

They are blue, I did have someone ask me one time if I had lavender eyes. (never really known any one with lavender eyes)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I have been traveling!!

I am in New York this week and before I left I decided I needed a bag to carry my laptop. I needed to have something that I could protect my laptop and still be small enough to fit in my carry-on luggage.  So I decided to make one out of an up-cycled wool felted sweater. It was soft and should do just the trick!
I can't make anything without putting flowers on it, so of course it has flowers!!! I don't think any guy will wonder if this lap top belongs to a WOMAN!
I cut out the felted wool and the leaves were sewn with my sewing machine. I layered the flowers and topped it off with a cute button.
I lined it with fleece, (to make it nice and soft.) Then I added a tab with a button hole and added another button to keep it nice and snug inside.
I loved how the leaves turned out by sewing just a single stitch up the middle of the leaf.
It made a nice little home for my little laptop and it made it so nice to not have an extra bag to carry. I was able to stick it in my carry-on and it made it safe and sound! You will have to check back to see more of what I am going to make because I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head after visiting the design capital of the United States!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Leather Flower necklace

I needed something to wear with my black skirt and yellow sweater, so I thought I would make a necklace out of the leather flowers that I have been playing around with. I love how it turned out and it looked perfect as an accessory with what I was wearing yesterday.

The flowers and leaves are made from leather and I braided 3 pieces of leather for the chain to go around
 your neck.

I have so many things to wear this with, I am definitely going to make some more of these!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A favorite room in my home!

When my youngest daughter was in high school she had to finish her senior year by doing a senior project in something that she had an interest in. I had this room in the basement that was kind of a "catch all" room" and she asked me if she could make it into a "Grand kid" room. At the time we just had grandsons, so we designed it to be a boy room. Now, I have 8 grandsons and 3 granddaughters, and the granddaughters seem to love it as much as the boys. We asked one of the grandsons what kind of room he would like and his answer was,"a cowboy, police room." So my daughter started thinking of ideas and thought she would make it into a cowboy room with an old time jail in it.  This has definitely been the favorite room to go to when the grand kids come to visit. Below is a before picture of the "catch all" room.
So "Saddle Up" and  come on in!
Here is the after shot of the finished room, I wanted to change the old ugly carpet but we decided to leave it because cowboys love dirt and it kind of looks like dirt!
We found this horse swing and thought it would be perfect in our cowboy room, it is one of the favorite parts of play. 
We made "Wanted" pictures of each of the grand kids, and their reward is of course "5 billion dollars" because that is just a portion of what they are worth, or maybe I should have put "Priceless".
Of course, inside the jail you need to have a place to eat and sleep!
We have acquired some more horses, it just seems like a place they want to migrate too.
Our collection of boots have increased too, because you can't be a cowboy unless you've got the boots! This last visit one of my little grandsons didn't want to take his boots off the whole week he was here!
The jail was built with fiberboard and painted and we used "re bar" for the bars.
I have had to get an extra set of keys because it seems like everyone wants to be the sheriff!
Don't worry this isn't really barbwire! It is made out of a plastic cord and it is really soft to the touch.
Here is one of our "Cowboys" enjoying the swing
And of course you are not a real cowboy unless you haul hay for all of those horses you need to feed.
So, "Don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys", they may never want to leave this room!
 By the way she got an A+ on her Senior project!
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