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Monday, August 27, 2012

I love Pinterest!

With Fall coming I have loved seeing all of the cute goodies that pinterest has to offer.  Here are some of my favorites that I have pinned lately and I am trying to decide which one I will make first.  The monster cupcakes above are adorable and I can see making these with my grand kids and seeing what they put on there cupcake!

or how about these skeleton head cupcakes?

These witches brooms are not only cute but healthy as well, made from pretzel sticks and string cheese.

or how about these adorable witches fingers! made from pretzel rods, dipped green chocolate and almond slice finger nails. There are some cute mummies on this site as well!

Here are some more monsters, made from apples and cute snacks! This one was just an image, but they are sure adorable!

Love these Dracula denture cookies!

Just pinned these today, aren't they cute haunted trees! What cute centerpieces they would make!

Here is a cute simple acorn cookie! This link kind of led me to nowhere but it is pretty easy to figure out. A chocolate kiss, a vanilla wafer and a butterscotch chip!

Another healthy treat, deviled egg eyeballs! Just another image but it looks like they used some dye for the yolk mixture and maybe a little drizzle of ketchup for the veins.  Using your frosting piping tools would help with this project.

I think these skeleton cupcakes are my favorite and there is a great tutorial on this one at Cookies and Cups!
Pretty sure I'm making this one! Hope these get you excited for some fall treats.  All of these are on my board Cute Goodies so follow me if you would like some more!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Is it fall yet?

While I was on vacation I worked on this cute witches hat and because I have some very cute models where I was visiting I had to have some pictures even though I wasn't totally finished with the hat.

Doesn't she make a cute little witch!

This pattern works up quickly and will fit most sizes.

I used a black yarn and then found this fun fur yarn at one of the Amish shops we visited.

The purple was perfect for this cute witch!

When I got home I added the flower and made a pattern for the spider.

I think the spider and the flower really complete the hat.

I made the flower from yarn as well and added some tulle and sparkly cording.

Here is the spider.

It made me excited for the fall to come!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mom's birthday gift

It is always hard to know what to give my Mom for a gift.  I think she likes things that I make so I made something for her that I  crocheted. I like having something on my feet around the house so I thought maybe she would like these Mary Jane slippers.

I had made a pattern for these earlier so I just tried them with this chunky gray yarn.

I added the flower and had these metallic nickel colored buttons that worked perfectly for the middle of the flower.

Hope that she liked them, ( I know she did, because she told me.)

They were fun to make.

I also used my machine to embroider these kitchen towels for her.

You never can have enough and these just looked so cute with the applique bird.

I added the large Ric rac and they were complete.

I then crocheted a dish cloth to match.

Kind of cute, huh!

She liked these as well.
Happy Birthday Mom!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I love this little girl!

I was on vacation this last week and I was able to take this little girl with me! It was a blast to be around my grand kids. Whenever I go, I have built in models for what ever project I have been working on.  This is my latest project and little Miss Sof was so willing to be my model. (She is a natural.)

We stayed at this wonderful historic house and it was great fun.

Don't have to do much to coax this one to smile.

See, she is a natural, not sure where this pose came from! ( love you Sof!)

I made this hat in a lacy crochet pattern and added the crochet rose and leaves.  I decided it needed just a little bit more and added the beads and it was perfect!

We had a great vacation and it was so sad to leave.

This was a quick pattern and so fun to make!

We had a great time just being together.
The memories are priceless and so is my family.

I will have to just see this cute face on a screen for a little while,( it's not quite the same as being in person but it will have to do, and I am grateful for face time.)
Thanks, Sof!


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