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Sunday, August 28, 2011

re purposed sweater

I have a few sweaters in my closet and some that I don't wear very often, (I know it is a little too hot today to wear a sweater, but fall will be coming.) I have been thinking of some ways to re purpose them and here is the first one that I chose to work on. I had some black pleated trim that I thought would look cute on it.

I added the trim around the neckline and then 2 more strips on the sides of the front of the sweater.

I decided it needed a little something more and then just added the pleating in a circle and it made a cute flower.

I added a button to the center of the flower.

I added a belt but you wouldn't have to wear it with a belt.

I think it would look cute with some black skinny jeans as well, but I was too lazy to change and besides it is pretty hot outside today.

I liked the finished results and am now trying to think how I could re purpose some more sweaters in my closet. This transformation cost about $2 because I got the trim at Hobby Lobby with my 40%  coupon. 
Not bad for a new sweater.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

ohh, baby!

I have always been fascinated by baby shoes. Even before I was married I would see some small little shoes or sandals and would have to pick them up and ooh, and aah over them. I think it is the miniature thing, they are just so cute and so small.
This last week I had this project on my to do list mainly because I had some baby gifts to get and I really wanted to learn how to make baby shoes from fabric. I have an amazing embroidery sewing machine and these shoes were all made "in the hoop." I know that is kind of cheating but there is a process to it but the end product was worth learning. These were the first ones that I tried and they were so much fun that of course I had to make more!

I then used some canvas fabric that I had to make some little sneakers. I used ribbon cording for the shoe laces. On the first pair I used ribbon for the ties and ribbon would probably look cute for these sneakers if they were for a girl.

I tried different colors because I had several baby outfits I was trying to match.

Then I found this baby Birk's sandal pattern and even though I didn't have some canvas for these I lined them with some soft  fabric and added buttons and used velcro to close the straps.

I had to make some girly sneakers.

I was going to use some eyelets for the shoe laces but found that just clipping the fabric inside of the embroidered circles worked just fine.

I then decided to try some vinyl and lined the shoe with a light weight cotton. and of course added the bouillon roses with embroidery

Aren't these so feminine and sweet! I then tried some more in a very feminine pink and added the embroidery to the toe.

It took me a couple of days to figure out how to make them all but I will definitely be making more of these, they are very addicting and they feed my addiction for cute little baby shoes.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Le Fleur and Bon apetite!

While I was cleaning out my hobby shed this summer I found these containers  that I had held onto thinking I would do something with them someday. I had some inspiration for them and decided it was time to to do something about it. I decided to paint them a linen white and I knew I wanted to put some mason jars in them.

I have seen several ways to color mason jars and decided that would be perfect. I used Elmer's school glue and just some liquid blue food coloring. I added a couple of drops of food coloring to about a 1/4 cup of glue and then painted the outside of the jars.  I had to keep smoothing the glue on the jars and then just left them to dry. They dried to this beautiful old jar color and looked great in the painted boxes.

You have to remember that these jars can pretty much be used just for decoration because if you wash them I am pretty sure the color will wash away. I think they are great for decoration though!

I used a paint pen to write on the container and was sure that since" flowers" would be perfect in the jars, that "Le Fleur" would be perfect on the outside of the box.

I painted the top handle a gray color and made 2 flower boxes.

Just add a few sprigs of greenery and flowers and because the paint is on the outside it is okay to put water on the inside.

The third box I decided would be great with some silverware in it with some vintage fabric napkins.

It makes a perfect container to hold all sorts of things.

I have kind of had this obsession with Ric Rac lately and decided to add this soft yellow Ric Rac to the edges of the napkins.

Then I found a perfect spot in the house for these cute little boxes.

and the perfect spot for a place for the silverware.

Bon a petite!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sandals and Hats

I have been working on a new hat pattern and some sandals to match. I actually started these last March and finished them but I didn't have the flowers sewn on.  I decided to put them in my bag when I returned to one of my favorite models home. I was able to finish sewing on the flower and because this little girl loves anything "girly", I knew she would love showing me how cute she looks in her new attire.

I wasn't disappointed in the results. She was the perfect model.

I now have to work on getting the pattern written up, (always the hard part.)

I loved these colors together although we didn't have my perfect model dressed in something that matched. Oh, well she was in the perfect mood to model so I just started clicking away.

I made these sandals to match and knew she would love showing these off.  She is so funny when she has a new pair of shoes on she does this, "goose step" kind of walk so she can see her new shoes while she is walking

Love those little toes.

The only bad part is when I packed the flowers to sew on, I must have dropped one of the flowers at home and I didn't have the same yarn with me, thus just one flower on one of the sandals.  9 hours is a little long to turn back home to get it!

she loved "goose stepping " around the house to show off the sandals.

Oh, so cute.

I told you she loves to model, at the beach she couldn't wait to show me her cute suit.
Wish these cute models lived a little closer!


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