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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Home

So, since it is almost Christmas, I thought I better post these pictures.  this year Christmas has come so fast and after Thanksgiving, I decorated! This is the Christmas tree in the piano room and I used the glitter balls we made a few years ago.

Still love my Pottery Barn reindeer.

This was pretty simple, but I was into simple this year.  I just put the Christmas balls in a glass bowl added some mistletoe and little rice lights. 
you can kind of see the little lights around the base.

one of my nativites.

I can leave this up for awhile.

This is the dining room and I love the white and silver look, it just is a simple but clean look.

I used my feather trees and found these ice branches at Michael's, they kind of say "Winter"!

The mantle

just a garland and more silver

For the base of the trees, I used some candle stick bases that I made from finds at the DI, I glued them all together with E9000 and then spray painted them black and added ribbon and beads.

Love these wintery branches.

more of the feather trees.

All is Merry and Bright!

In the kitchen

On the stair way. 

Used my collection of felt ornaments, because if they get bumped it doesn't matter.

The kitchen clock and chandelier.

My collection of Santa's.

I reduced the number this year and just used my favorites.

Used the mason jar trees with my Santa's

The downstairs mantle.

The manger and the star,  I tried to find a star and ended up making my own, I wish I would have used white cord lights, but at the time I didn't have any.  I used a block of wood and dowels to make the base.

the tree.

In the manger is used some lights and fabric to light it up.


Made some new pillow covers for the couch,  I found the snowflake one and decided I needed mare of the same, so I used the pillows I had and made new slipcovers.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I made a pattern for these cute little slipper boots.  I was going to make them look both the same but decided to make a different version.  Then when I got done I was going to make a matching pair.  After putting the 2 together I thought they looked cute with the 2 different versions.

I guess I am kind of like that though, I'm not totally symmetrical and have always liked something a little bit different.

I thought because my hubby is SUCH a symmetrical person that these would bother him, but believe, it or not he liked them this way too.

I think it is fun to just look down at your feet and see both of them smiling up at  you.  (I think a little kid would like it too.)

This is a fun pattern and would make a great Christmas gift for some cute little toes,  if you want the pattern you can find it here;

It's kind of cold and blustery today, maybe I should make some to fit my feet!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thanksgiving craft

Each year after Thanksgiving dinner the women make some type of craft.  Ever since last year when I pinned a mason jar snow globe, I knew we should make these for this year's Thanksgiving crafting project.  I have been saving bottles, all types, not just mason jars and here is my take on bottle Snow Globes.
I took the first picture outside and this is what was out there before I started taking photo's.  I think she wanted to see what I was doing!

I put them on the window sill of my office and they really are pretty with the sun shining through the bottles, but it is hard to take pictures on a window sill, the lighting is not what I see with my eyes.

I spray painted the lids a pewter silver, collected different little trees, snowmen and deer.  I hot glued the little trees to the bottom of the lids and them added the snow and glitter.

Oh, I see why that deer was looking at me funny, she was wondering how I got that big buck into this tiny jar! I also hot glued a little snow flake to the top of the bottle.

These jars don't have the water in them, but they are still just as cute and you can still shake them and the glitter flutters all over the jar.

Some of these jars had fruit, chili sauce, or olives, in them, just find a cute shaped jar and use whatever you have.

I turned some white bowls upside down to give some them some more height.  As you can see the one jar had a wooden top and I just left it like it was.

this one has a little deer in it as well, but it is hard to see.  It was hard to find a tree this small so I just cut off a tip from an old garland and made my own tree and sprayed it with snow in a can.

When I took the small little jar outside, it must have had some moisture in it because it fogged up and I had to open it up and let it dry a little more.

I'm liking this easy project and I hope those that come on Thanksgiving will have fun making them as well.


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