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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thanksgiving craft

Each year after Thanksgiving dinner the women make some type of craft.  Ever since last year when I pinned a mason jar snow globe, I knew we should make these for this year's Thanksgiving crafting project.  I have been saving bottles, all types, not just mason jars and here is my take on bottle Snow Globes.
I took the first picture outside and this is what was out there before I started taking photo's.  I think she wanted to see what I was doing!

I put them on the window sill of my office and they really are pretty with the sun shining through the bottles, but it is hard to take pictures on a window sill, the lighting is not what I see with my eyes.

I spray painted the lids a pewter silver, collected different little trees, snowmen and deer.  I hot glued the little trees to the bottom of the lids and them added the snow and glitter.

Oh, I see why that deer was looking at me funny, she was wondering how I got that big buck into this tiny jar! I also hot glued a little snow flake to the top of the bottle.

These jars don't have the water in them, but they are still just as cute and you can still shake them and the glitter flutters all over the jar.

Some of these jars had fruit, chili sauce, or olives, in them, just find a cute shaped jar and use whatever you have.

I turned some white bowls upside down to give some them some more height.  As you can see the one jar had a wooden top and I just left it like it was.

this one has a little deer in it as well, but it is hard to see.  It was hard to find a tree this small so I just cut off a tip from an old garland and made my own tree and sprayed it with snow in a can.

When I took the small little jar outside, it must have had some moisture in it because it fogged up and I had to open it up and let it dry a little more.

I'm liking this easy project and I hope those that come on Thanksgiving will have fun making them as well.


Linda said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Unknown said...

I was, and hopefully am, going to make these with the kids this year as well. I just need to find some good bottles. Wish we could be there to do it with you though. :)


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