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Monday, October 25, 2010

Last minute Halloween ideas...

If you are looking for a last minute table topper or table cloth to set off your Halloween decorations, they are easy peasy to make!
The fabric store now has everything Halloween at sometimes more than 50% off, so just make a trip to the fabric shop and then if you want a square table topper just get 45 inches of the fabric (if your fabric is 45 inches wide) and then go to Target or some other place that sells the tinsel garland for Halloween and buy what you need to put around the edge of the fabric.

Just use pinking shears to cut around the edge of the fabric and then just use a zig-zag stitch and just stitch on top of the tinsel around the edge of your fabric.
I chose a cute sparkly spider fabric and found a black and green spider tinsel to add some bling to my table topper. Now if you do not sew you could probably use some double sided tape to hold it into place but it really is easy to just sew around the edges.
I like my eyeball lights here to watch over all who enters.

I then also found these cute eyeball, bouncy balls at Target and added some stretchy spiders!

I was going to put this big web outside but the weather turned up cold and nasty so I draped it across my baker's rack in my dining room and I think it looks great!
These stretchy spiders and bouncy eyeballs have been a big hit with my grandson's over the weekend, they have loved playing with the spiders and the balls. I didn't now spiders could find their way to so many places! Have a great week finishing up your Halloween decor!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Knitted pod!

I love this photo!!! and I especially love that she used the knitted pod that I made for her! I want to share with you this great photographer. Her name is Cortney and of course her specialty is babies and pre-baby shots of new mothers. I love the photo's she has on her website and you can check it out here!

She also has a blog that has the cutest pictures ever! Check it out here!
 If you live in northern Utah or southern Idaho, and you are expecting a new arrival anytime soon, you really need to give her a call. Thanks Cortney! You made this knitted pod look fabulous!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh, my Eyeballs!!

I was in one of my favorite thrift stores the other day and I had an idea! I first had thought of using some balls to make my idea but when I saw these I thought how great it would be if I could make them into lights!
I found these fixtures, sorry I had taken the round white globes off to wash them but you will see them later. Then I needed to find a wooden base to put these lights on, I found this assortment of wooden items and thought they would look great stacked.

Here are two of the wooden bowls stacked, glued together and a hole was drilled down the middle to put the electrical cord through. I bought two, 6 foot cheap extension cords and cut off the end with the plug ins on and left the end that use to plug into the wall. (I actually had some help with this part from my own personal Electrical Engineer, thanks Ryan!)

Take the end of the cord that you cut off and use some yellow wire nuts to attach the wires to the light.

This was the finished globes!

I used glass paint on the white globes and painted an eyeball. I used yellow paint and a red sharpie to make the eyeball veins.

Here are the bases that are now painted black and purple.

I tried them in the window at night to look out on all who might dare to enter!

Then I tried them on a shelf and it almost looked like a face with the Jack o lantern as the nose.

These were the original idea and I made these out of the $1.99 balls that you get in the super market. I used paint and vinyl to do the eyeballs.

Because these balls were already a swirled, blue and yellow, they were perfect for the eyeballs. I used paint and a sharpie on these as well to make the veins.

I attached black duct tape to the top to make the hangers and used some wire hanging stands that I already had! I love how they turned out and I especially like that the one pair of eyeballs light up!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spooky Tree

When I was up the canyon getting the perfect broom stick for my witches broom, I saw this old mossy branch and decided I needed to bring it back with me as well. It was kind of tricky balancing both pieces of wood on the 4 wheeler but I got everything back home without too many problems. ( it was probably a hilarious sight, good no one was watching!)
When I saw it, it shouted SPOOKY TREE! I had this old metal container so I put the Spooky Tree in the container and filled it with rocks.

I used some cob webs to give it some more spookiness.

Added some big and little spiders and of course a sign that will tell every one that this is one spooky tree!

I found the spiders at Walmart and the sign came from my favorite decorating store, Taipan.

I think it turned out pretty Spooky and this had to be one easy peasy project! ( not counting getting it down the canyon with out any mishap's.)

Monday, October 11, 2010


I am still in the decorating mode and I wanted to make some white pumpkins! I had plenty of orange ones so I just used those and of course used my trusty spray paint to make them the color I wanted. I sprayed them an ivory because they looked much more natural.
I put some round stickers on them before painting them and then pulled them off and I then had my orange circles already made!
I cut out some felt circles of different sizes. I glued the felt circles to a block of wood and used them like a stamp by dipping them in the paint. I made the rest of the dots black and purple! I then painted the stems a lighter green because the white spray paint had covered the original color.
So Welcome to my decorated dining room! This sign is made out of black and white felt and I found it for 1/2 price at Shopko!
 I sat the large pumpkins on some black caldron's to add some height. I left them white and decorated them with black, white, and purple ribbon.
 I had an old green vine garland that I spray painted black and intertwined  a black shiny garland through it.
                               I added a spider to the top of the pumpkin.
  I needed an old crow in the middle of the pumpkins, he just is sitting there watching over his flock of pumpkins!
                     These are the little witches soaring above my dining table.


                                     I then added some little goblins of my own!

 I decided that those little goblins needed some pumpkins of their own to decorate so it was off to the pumpkin patch, just down the road to find the perfect pumpkins!
                                     Pumpkins as far as your eye could see!
                                 They really had a fascination with the green ones!
                                         Here, Grandma is the perfect one!

                                     This is his perfect one! (It is so little and cute!)
                                Not sure if this spooky guy is safe or not!
                                                   On to the decorating!
                                      Still loving his cute little pumpkin!
                         We just needed a witches hat to put on this witchy pumpkin!

                                    Bugs always make a pumpkin more spooky!
It was fun seeing the creative side of boys, there are no girly pumpkins here!!
                                It was a fun day decorating with pumpkins! Hope you have as much fun as we did with decorating pumpkins!


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