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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh, Chickie!

While surfing the blogging world I came across this cute little chick! Cara from Freckles family knit this cute little chick and shared the pattern. You can go here to find the pattern. Thanks Cara!
I knew I had to make this darling little chick so I got out my knitting needles and went to work.

Mine kind of looks like a duck because the beak is a little big but you can see in the background the inspiration that I got from this cute little Chickie!

After making the nest and the chick I thought how cute this would look as a hat and started knitting some more!

Doesn't it make a cute hat!

I made the nest out of some wool and felted it into a nest shape.

I put some eggs in the nest to keep this little Chickie company.

I knitted a bow for my hat because she looked like she was a girl and made a little fuzz for her feathers at the top.

This is a very fun and fast pattern to make.

Have a great day all you Chickie's out there!
Thanks Cara for the inspiration!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Making some Easter shoes!

I have been making some special orders for these cute little shoes! I never seem to tire of making them and there are so many variations that you can do with them that my mind is always going,"Mm, I could do this, I could do this..."
These were made for some cute little girly feet and the cute black and pink polka dot outfit that went with it.

I wish I had pictures to show you, the cute little feet and outfit.

These were made for some cute little feet to come.

Won't they be great to keep those little feet cozy.

These are looking more like summer. I haven't sold these but I was feeling summer and decided to make them.

These are for some cute little feet to come as well.

One of my favorite things to do when winding down at night is to pick up my hook and start creating.
I am going to have to make up my own pattern because I just keep coming up with more ideas. It is so much easier to just do it in your head, (it's much harder to write it down so some one can follow the pattern.)
That's my goal this week, make a pattern for some baby shoes!
Have a great week!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am feeling Spring!

I had some inspirations this week and they were all about Spring, I know, I know, there is still 2 feet of snow in my yard but in other places I am seeing bare ground and even some little crocus buds poking through the dirt. I decided I would make my own flowers and after seeing some in the stores, I thought that it wouldn't be too hard with some scrapbook paper.
I used this as my pattern to see if it would work and if it was the right size.

Then I found this ball of deliciousness at Michael's in the yarn section, my head started spinning! Don't you love this color and these premade pop-pom balls already strung on a string. (Oh, the pillows, a scarf, a garland and just hanging them anywhere you want a pop of cute color!) Is your head spinning yet!
Here is the paper flower and I ended up using a glue stick to stick coordinating colors together and then the flowers could be seen from either side. The centers are actually some Styrofoam tarts that I had got a few years ago at a 90% off sale and hung onto them thinking they would be good for something. I just pulled out the Styrofoam berries and used one on each side of the flower.
It is hard to get a good picture when they are in the window because of the lighting, so sorry about that.
 Then with the help of my daughter in law, (thanks Jessica!) made some smaller flowers and then decided to use those on a banner. Do you see the cute pom-pom balls!
I made some folded paper circles to add to the banner and they are 2 sided as well.
I was going to hang these big flowers from the ceiling around my dining room light but decided there was waaay to many flowers in the middle of the room.
Here are some of the flowers I already had hanging. The flower heads are on a heavy gauge fishing line and then I just added some more of those cute pom-pom balls and hung them over the light. I had the white flower balls up in January to add to my white January theme and thought I might as well leave them for Spring.
I found these cute chicks at Tai Pan for $1.54! When you blow on them the feathers look like real chicks!
I added some twiggy moss that I found at a Pottery Barn outlet back in Pennsylvania and added some eggs.
More eggs that I have been gathering.
I found the bumble bee at Tai Pan as well.
Is is looking more like Spring?
I am thinking I am ready to paint my red accent wall.  What color do you think I should paint it and would you give the old brick a light wash as well?  I don't know if I want to paint the brick, so I would need a color that would go with the colors in the brick.
I was going to add my spring dishes, mm, maybe I will.

That looks better.

More flowers.
Before adding the place settings.

I also need to show you how I made the runner down the table.
I found this fabric at Walmart on the $5.00 bolt table. You know the one that has all of the bolts and whatever is on the bolt you just get the whole bolt for $5.00. This fabric was perfect for this because it was light weight and kind of crinkly.  I first started with some elastic thread on my bobbin but that didn't work out like I wanted so I just used a gathering stitch with normal thread and there is a line on my machine and I just made the gathering stitch that wide all the way down the runner.
Here is the fabric before and I cut it about 6 inches hanging over each end. I cut the fabric in half but I think I would have liked the runner a little wider and I could have used the whole width of the fabric.
Here is the runner after adding all of the gathers.
I then decided I needed to finish the edges so I used the rolled hem stitch on my serger to finish the edges. This helped as well to tie off the edges of the gathering stitch.
Can you see the rolled hem?
Here it is all finished.

I think it looks like Spring around here.

Ready for lunch!

Okay, Spring I'm ready! (Ready or not please come!)


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