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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some more projects

Since I am here visiting my grand kids, I thought I better take advantage of these cute little kiddo's!
I made this hat for baby Jack and since it is fall I thought it would be a perfect hat for a cut little pumpkin.  The hat is a little big but the way he is growing it will fit soon!

I knitted this with three colors and when I did the checkerboard I just left the colors attached and just carried the next color over  so it was quick because I didn't need to keep starting a new color.

I added the stem and the little pumpkin curly Q's to the top and it made the perfect fall hat.

I can't get enough of this cute little guy and I am going to be sad because I am leaving tomorrow.

He is just the best baby and I am going to miss all of his snuggles!

This little girl, I am going to miss as well, whatever I am doing she is right by my side and if I do it she has to do it as well.  Of course, if baby Jack was getting his photo in the basket, she needed one as well.

The hat actually fits her pretty well.

I embroidered this blanket before I left and finished the edging after I got here.

I used the furry yarn to go on this little froggy blanket and just did a single crochet all around the edge.

It is nice and warm and fuzzy!

The frog was embroidered on my machine.

I then made this crocheted scarf out of #3 crochet thread. I was just making a flower chain and then thought it would make a cute scarf.

I then added a flower ring to fasten the scarf together. I thought that would be easier than tying it.

It turned out okay, but I would make a few adjustments to the flowers and not make them so loose.

It kind of had a shabby chic feeling this way.

It was quick to do and I will have to make another and make the adjustments to it.
It has been a great trip and so fun to be with these cute little munchkins!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

a new model in the family!

I have been knitting and crocheting lately and I also tried my first sweater. I actually made this sweater at the first of the summer and I was saving it for a special someone who was supposed to be born in September.  He decided he couldn't wait until September and came on August 31st! I had my trip planned for this last week so when I first met him he was already 2 weeks old!

I made a little hat for him.

and this little sweater.  The pattern was for a newborn and this sweater looked pretty tiny when I finished it.

and sure enough it was pretty tiny.
Little Jack is just 2 weeks old but he was a big baby, so I am thinking I am needing to make a little bigger sweater. It will maybe fit him today but I am not sure about tomorrow.

It has been cold here, so he could actually wear it but the sleeves are a little short and it is snug around his middle.

Isn't he just the sweetest little chunker!

I really did rotate these pictures but when they uploaded they went back to the way they were.

"Grandma, make me a bigger sweater!'

We also celebrated my daughter (in law) I hesitate saying (in law) because she feels like she is my daughter, but it was her birthday and I made this hat for her. She is a major BYU fan and today is probably not the day to show this post,  because after last night she is probably in mourning, and this won't be as fun for her.
She did love the hat though!

I also made this owl hat for a friend who is having a baby soon!!

I hope she loves this fuzzy owl hat!

This is another hat I made for her.

It is the time of year to start making those sweaters and hats.
I will just have to re adjust some of my measurements, but I was so happy to make my first sweater!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I finally refinished it!

I have had this piece  of furniture sitting in my shed since we moved here 11 years ago! I have always liked it and found it at an estate sale about 25 years ago and it was old then, so it is really old now! It originally had a dark finish and it my navy blue loving years I painted it navy blue. It was in a sun room where I used to live and the sun had done some major damage to the paint.  If you look close you can see how bubbled the paint is. Thus, that Is why I have not moved it into my house. I have had the vision of it a creamy white for a long time but not the ambition to strip the paint and start over.

This is why I really like this piece.  It has the cutest cubby hole drawers with the old time labels on the drawers. I decided to just leave the drawers as they were and just strip the rest.

That was a good decision because the stripping process took awhile and there was a lot of paint on this thing. This piece was hand made by someone and the wood that was used looks like it came from different kinds of wood so I really didn't want to leave it natural because of the differences in the wood.

After stripping it, I primed it with a good primer.

Then added 2 coats of "glazed pear", that was the name of the paint but it doesn't really fit the color I think.

I moved it into my guestroom, where I already have a creamy white headboard.

Added some accessories to the top.

Made some new labels for the drawers and put in some of my scrap booking and craft supplies.

I love these little drawers!

I'm sure I will find more to fill it.

I also painted the little stand next to it, it used to be a dark green.

Loving the color.

Fits right in with my black and white guest bedroom.
Glad I finally got around to it!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nature's fall decorating and an old screen repurposed

The first of September I decided to put up my fall wreath on the front door. Yesterday we had some family come up wondering if I had decided to decorate for Halloween a little early. If you look really close in the picture you will see my Halloween surprise.

Here is my Fall spider, (can you see it? It is kind of camouflaged in the foliage.)

If you look really close you can also see the web it has spun all across the front of the wreath. It actually is a perfect spider web with the center right in the middle of the wreath. I am thinking though that my visitors to my front door are not going to appreciate my live Halloween decoration so I am getting Mr. Jones to take it to the garden.

I have had these old windows and screens at the side of my shed for a while now.  We have an old 100 year old house that we rent and we replaced all of the old windows and I couldn't part with the screens and windows because I knew I could find some great thing to do with them.  You may remember the guest room redo that  I did last summer and I used several in that renovation.

They are pretty disgusting but a little soap and water and vigorous scrubbing did the trick. I had a place in mind to use them in my bedroom so I painted the frame a turquoise blue that I had used on the accent wall in my bedroom. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the paint.

Then please pardon this picture it is way out of focus. I cut some cardboard to fit in the back of the screen and used some quilt  batting to pad it with. I covered the batting and cardboard with fabric and used a staple gun to put it into the frame. Then to make it more secure I added a larger piece of cardboard and stapled it to the back of the frame.

You can see that my cardboard is not real even but it is on the back so it won't matter. I added some picture hanging wire to hang it.
I then added some little hooks to the top of the frame. I am thinking you have guessed what I am using this for! I have been really frustrated with my jewelry storage lately because I can never find what I want to wear with certain things. I think it is because I don't want to dig through the mass of tangles to get what I need. This has totally solved my problem.
Now I can see my jewelry at a glance. I used the batting and cardboard for a reason because I wanted to be able to use straight pins to push through the screen to add more places to hang jewelry.

I mounted it on my closet wall coming out of my bathroom because then it is more accessible to my clothes. (and it can't be seen when you walk into my bedroom.)

With the straight pin idea I can add more jewelry or rearrange it any way I want!

I think I am loving this old grungy screen, well, it is not so grungy anymore!


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