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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Upcycled pillows

I wasn't liking the pillows on my couch in my family room so I decided it was time for some up cycling. Some of these pillow on the couch are not the ones that were on there, but I put them on to show you the ones I wanted to change.  I was thinking I needed something lighter to brighten up the room and to coax some springtime to start showing it's lovely head.

I went to my favorite up cycling store and found this drapery panel that had never been used for $2.00 and it was light and had some texture that would be just perfect for the pillows I had in mind.

I measured the pillows and cut them out and used a fabric marker to sew on the branches.  I then used my sewing machine to make the branches on the markings I had made.

I got this new sewing machine before Christmas and I can't tell you how much I love it! It is an embroidery machine and has the most fun stitches that it just makes you want to sew all day!

I then punched out these flowers from some left over leather that I had.

I used  fabric glue to attach the flower buds and super glue to attach the bead in the center.

Then I decided to see what this new machine could do and started embroidering. It really isn't fair to use this machine after doing hand stitched embroidery.  It is amazing what it does and I just sit and watch it do all the work.

I then chose some designs to go on the pillow. This is the computer touch screen that makes everything so easy.  I have had the some sewing machine for 35 years and having this one makes me think wow! look how far technology has come.  It even cuts the thread and threads the needle automatically.  It is a Baby Lock Elageo and it is a very fun toy.

Here are the pillows! The one with the lettering was done with my machine and I love how it turned out!

See, every one's name is included on my family pillow.

Here is a close up of the leather flower pillow.

Here is the Home pillow.

Doesn't that look better! and all from a drapery panel from the DI!

Oh, the possibilities are endless, I am going to have so much fun with this new machine!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hats, hats and more hats!

I have been working on making more hats for one of my favorite photographers. If you want to check out her work just click here.  She always makes everything look so cute and I love her cute models!
I made the hat and the diaper cover.

See how cute!

This has to be the most precious pose and I love those cute little lips!

I took some pictures of some of the hats I made for her but be warned! they are not as cute as hers and I didn't have any live models!

Here is the monkey hat.

The owl hat.

The blue monkey hat.

The blue owl hat.

They were really fun to make up and with the weather like it is, it is the perfect time to crochet.

The brown monkey hat.

Here are all of them with out my plastic model.

Just one more cute pose before I close!
This kept me busy for a few days and made me inspired to make a pattern of my own. Hope you are having a great day!
p.s.  We have about a foot and a half of new snow in our yard this morning.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Painting the accent wall

The accent paint for the back wall in my bedroom that I chose, was this paint from Martha Stewart Living.
River Mist was the color that looked the best with the wall color that I already had and it looked great with the carpet and the wood that I have in the room.

I didn't realize that on the back of the chip was some colors that go well with this paint and even suggestions for the ceiling and accent walls. After I had finished painting I saw this on the back and had to smile because the accent was very close to my carpet color! Yeah, I knew it looked good!

While I was at Home Depot waiting for the paint to be mixed I was looking around and saw this sign above the paint counter that said, " If our associate fails to suggest some paint accessories to go with your paint, you will get this free $25 paint kit to go with your paint."  I thought, hm mm, I wonder if he will ask me?  When he finished mixing the paint he handed me a couple of wooden sticks to stir my paint.  I told him thanks and turned to walk away when I remembered the sign, and asked, "Does this mean I get a free Paint Kit with this paint."  The look on his face kind of made me feel bad because he immediately replied, "Oh, man, I forgot to ask you, and in the next breath said,"I'm going to lose my job!"  He then quickly replied, "not really" but it wasn't probably a good thing that he had to get his manager to get the paint kit and put the sticker on the kit that said that it was free.
But I did get the rollers, tray, paintbrush and everything else for free!!!

I hurried home and was ready to  paint!  I did get interrupted several times that night but by 10:00 pm I had it finished!  I started taping everything off, but then decided it was just easier to use my angled brush to cut in the ceiling, corners, base board and windows. I then rolled the rest and it went very fast from there.

I loved it when I was finished. The blue really makes those Anthro mirrors pop!

It brings out the blue accent in the pillows.

The blue and pale cream yellow look great together.

I even got motivated and cleaned all of the old magazines out from under my bed. (I should have taken a picture before, there was a bunch under there!)

Even the lemon trees on the side tables looked better.

Here is a picture with a flash, it is hard to see in the day when all of the sun is shining through the windows.

I changed the arrangement of my chairs because the TV is on the one side of the room so I made a little seating arrangement to watch TV and then had to put my old suitcases on the other side to balance the room a little.

I moved this into the room and it just fit in the little alcove.

Here is the two paint colors side by side.

Aaaaah, it really pulls everything all together.

Here is the seating arrangement in for TV viewing.
If you want to add a little pop to a room, try and accent color on one wall.  It doesn't take you as long as painting the whole room and besides, if you don't like it, you can just paint it again.  That's what I love about painting, just a can of paint really makes a difference in a room!


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