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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring organizing

Last week I came into our computer room/office when I saw this, and realized I needed to do a little organizing. I looked at all the books that we have and realized that most of them have not probably been touched in several years.

I went through the books and did some downsizing, ( I know after looking at this picture there are still many books, but some of them I could not part with, so they are still here. I decided to put my pictures on the top shelf, ( the top shelf held my hubby's Louis L'Amour collections, I think he has every single one!) I asked him if he ever reread them and I knew the answer.  He has a mind that can remember every detail in a book after reading it just once.  He loves Louis L'Amour but after reading it once he can't read it again because he knows what is going to happen. He couldn't part with them so I boxed them up and they went in the archives. ( in the loft in our shed.)

Because I re arranged the book case I had to clean off the desks, ah, I feel better! We spend so much time in this room and it becomes the clutter catch for many things.

I even organized the hubby's side. (I wish I would have taken a before pic.)  He usually doesn't like my organizing because he says, he has organizations in his massive piles of papers.  I organized everything in the file cabinet though and if he remembers what paper it was, it has a slot in the file cabinet.

Hers and His, we each have our own with our own printers and it is a great arrangement. (You may notice a pile of books under my desk, I'm not stock piling them but decided to sell some of them on E bay and see what happens.) I'll let you know what sells.

More books under the other side, some are sold and some are waiting to be sold.

There is just something about organization and Spring, they kind of go together.

I probably need to organize the closet. (That's why it is closed.)

There is a "trickle affect" in organization, once you start, you see so many more opportunities to ORGANIZE!
but it feels good to have this space a little more organized!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What are little boys made of?

Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of!
My daughter wanted me to make a frog hat so I came up with this design from a sketch that she gave me.
I think it looks like a frog, don't you?

This was  a pretty fun hat to design and once I made the eyes, I couldn't wait until I got it all put together.

I like the frog feet, and the tongue just kind of makes it look like a frog looking for a fly.

I tried it on my grandson and this was his reaction!!
a little more serious pose.

I can't help it, he is just so cute!

I think he was trying to tell me, "enough already!"

he even liked playing with the feet! Thanks little Trev, for being my cute model, I wish you could hold this little guy, he is one of those little babes that when you hold him, he just snuggles right into your shoulder. Can you tell, I love my grand kids! You know, Grand kids are the reward for being a parent!
With 11, (well, just 10 at the moment but in May it will be 11!) grandsons, I can see that this hat might keep me a little busy!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

the magic of spray paint

I have decorated these pictures in my dining room many times.  I have always liked these pictures but for some reason I have wanted to put something over them.  You may remember that I wrapped them with muslin and made a Halloween silhouette out of them for the fall. 

for Christmas I wrapped them like gifts on the wall. I have decided it was not the pictures that I so much dislike but the color of the mat that is framing the picture.  I have had these pictures for quite awhile and decided that maybe I should change the mat.  Getting new mats for your pictures can be quite expensive.  I thought maybe I could just paint the existing mat. So, I did!

It is hard to get a photo with the glass.  To paint the mat I had to take the back of the picture apart and separate the print from the mat.  Once I had the mat separated I just used some spray paint and painted the mat.  I then decided that maybe I should paint the frames, so, I painted the frames a creamy white. Once they were dry I put the print, mat and frame back together.

I really like how it turned out because it matches the room now!  Maybe I won't be covering up these pictures all of the time.

They are quite large pictures and it would have been quite expensive to replace them

You can change the look of your pictures, without breaking the bank and look what just a little paint can do!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Thinking Spring!

It is starting to feel like Spring! Not so much that the snow is gone but the days are staying lighter longer and I can feel it in the air!  I just finished this new pattern and I think I made it because I feel like Spring!

I love little baby shoes and this color and this cute little flower just makes this pair.

I experimented with some flower ideas and love how this patten turned out.

Kind of makes me feel like making me some Easter shoes!

There is just something about a sweet pair of shoes on some sweet little baby feet!  This pair is a gift for a brand new baby girl!


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