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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some new patterns!

I have been working on some new patterns and I have had request to make some larger sizes. ( Most of my patterns are baby size.)

This little ballet slipper is probably about the right size for a 6- 8 year old.  Depending on the size hook you use and the weight of yarn it could vary. It is made with wool yarn which is double stranded.

So, it is not only cute but warm as well!

I love the rose on the toe and think it would make a great gift for any little girl, especially for those who like shoes! ( A girl can never have enough shoes!)

The next pattern is for a newborn to 3 month old and I love sock monkeys so I thought some little sock monkey booties would be great.

I will have to get busy and make one of my sock monkey hats to match!

These were very quick to make up, (once, I got the pattern written.)

I love these, with their cute little smiles on their faces!

These next ones are my size, I wear a size 7- 7 1/2 shoe size and they could be adjusted as well according to the hook size and weight of yarn. Actually the first ones I made were too big, so I unwound them and started over.

I added the buttons for detail.

See how snugly and warm they are!

Perfect for this time of year, I'm thinking I need some in every color!  Hope you all have a great week!!
The water in my craft room is drying up and I am much happier this week!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Organization and disclaimer

They say that creative people are sometimes disorganized and a little messy, well , I am a little embarrassed to show you this picture because, I must be very creative!  This was my craft room before Christmas, ( I am really trying not to look at this pic, because it is quite disturbing!)  I have a craft room in my basement and I am so grateful to have it but because it is out of the way and sometimes out of site, and because of that it becomes a little disorganized, (who am I kidding, A LOT disorganized!)  I decided that I couldn't work like this any longer so I was on a quest to become more organized.

Here is my after picture and let me tell you that this transformation did not happen in one day!  I decided to move my machines to the other side of the room, ( before they were behind the door) and with 3 machines it was a little crowded.(Yes, I use all three machines.) One is my embroidery machine and although it does everything I kept my trusty Bernina, (which I have had for more than 30 years)  I mainly use it for sewing on leather and heavier materials.  Then of course I have my serger.  With this arrangement I am easily able to move from one machine to the other.

In my organization I went through all of my baskets and got rid of what I don't use, (and found things I didn't remember having.)  I put all alike things in the baskets and labeled them with tags.  I thought I knew where everything was but when my daughter came down to make something, she couldn't find any thing!

All alike things in one basket!
I organized my thread and ribbon and it makes it so easy to find what  color I am looking for.

Went through all of my fabrics and got rid of more, then put similar fabrics in their rightful stack.


This is the other corner and now looking at this picture I can see that I probably still held onto too much fabric, I think I will be the winner when I die!
Love the convenience of this, there is a disclaimer coming about the thread in the window though.

All of my other thread, (some I have had since time began) in a drawer next to the sewing machines!

Elastic and bias trim in another drawer.

Bobbin thread.

Buttons on cards!

Doesn't this just make you want to sit down and sew!

More ribbon, tulle and tape.
More buttons in an organizer, (I love buttons can you tell?)  Now to tell yo about the disclaimer of this story, It's kind of sad.  Yesterday I went down to go exercise and when I got to the bottom of the stairs, I started screaming because there was water at the bottom of the stairs!  It has been raining here for 3 days and a lot of water has come down!  This is quite unbelievable though because at this time of year we usually have 6 feet of snow!  Because the ground is frozen the water has no where to go but down to the lowest point and because there is a ditch above our house, it got clogged and the water came pouring into our back yard.  The lowest point of the house is the window wells, they filled up and because the water had no where to go down it came through my house.

So, yesterday this is what my craft room looked like. (Can you see the water running down the wall and over the counter?) Yikes! it was bad!   See those bolts of fabric on the floor, they were a little wet and muddy, because with the water came the mud!  I have been washing fabric for 2 days now.

It was not a happy day.  But with the help of neighbors, family and friends we got rid of the river coming through our house.

This morning it looks like this, (I don't want to repeat yesterday ever again.)  So the disclaimer is this, if you are more organized and a river comes through your house, it is definitely better that you had the room looking like this.
Instead of 
Can you imagine what the cleanup  would have been like if my room looked like this!
I do have a goal to be more organized this year, this was a little set back but maybe just what I needed  to get the rest of the basement organized, (even if it was forced!)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Buttons and baby shoes

I decided to make a new baby shoe pattern.   I wanted to make a little flower to put on these little shoes so I made one out of ribbon and added a cute little button.

I love how they turned out and I actually made up the pattern to put on my etsy shop!  I love it when I get a pattern done, because writing patterns is not easy.

I was in the button mode and had seen some cute flowers made from buttons on Pinterest.

I got out my E 9000 glue and went to work.  First put your buttons in the shape of flower that you want.

Coat your top button with E 9000 glue, (hot glue just doesn't do the trick!)

Place the button on your arranged flower.
I then added 2 more buttons and the last one was  a cute lady bug button.  I did have to cut off the button prong on the back of the lady bug so it would sit flat.)

Once you start layering the possibilities are endless!!  ( Warning! If you don't want the buttons to be stuck to your counter, do your gluing on something that you can pull off) This warning comes from experience, It's a little hard to get the glue off of your counter.
After gluing I let the flowers sit over night.

I then added a small circle of felt and a pin.

Then added another circle of felt.  I think this helps as well to hold the flower together.
Aren't they so cute! and I can think of lots of places to use these little pins!

Love these cute little baby shoes as well!
Have a great week!


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