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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A visit with an artist

I have a friend that is an amazing artist and I love visiting her home.  Every time I go she has a new project she has been working on. This last time I went I took my camera because she had some cute projects to show me and I wanted some pictures.  She usually paints with water colors and has some amazing paintings, but she has been working on these dancing ladies made from fabric, paper and clay. I loved them! (She also makes those cute beaded dragon flies.)

 She has them in her windows and hanging from some of her light fixtures.  Even though it is still winter out, these little ladies just made me want to dance for Spring!
Aren't they amazing! I love all of the fanciful poses they are in.

She also had told me how she loves making her felted birds.  These little birds are so cute and are made from felted wool.  She has them perched everywhere and you can't help but smile.

She decided that she was going to leave this tree up for awhile.  She had made some of the glitter balls that I had made for Christmas and she had decorated a white tree branch with white lights, birds and stars.

See how cute these little chubby birds are!  When I went to leave she gave me one of these cute little birds for my home as well.  Thanks Inga, I love visiting your creative home.

Hope you have enjoyed it as well!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I love Monsters!

I have a passion for little monsters, so of course my next pattern to design had to include monsters!
I started with these little monster feet.

and of course had to make a monster head to go with the feet.

This pattern was fun and you really can't make a mistake because it is a monster and they don't always look exactly normal.

I love the little grin and who can resist the teeth!

I am certainly going to have to make some different versions of these, because you know there are lots of monsters out there!

Maybe some fuzzy ones.

or maybe some girly ones, I 'm sure my passion won't stop with these.
They were certainly fun!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Bunnies

I have always thought baby bunnies  are so cute, so I decided to make some bunny slippers. My inspiration usually comes in the middle of the night and then I can't go back to sleep because I am so excited to try it out.

I was trying to think of something to kind of get me in a Spring mood and these of course did the trick!

The first ones always take the longest because I have to write down the pattern as I go.

But when I was finished, I just had to say, Ahhh, aren't they cute!

Then of course those little feet will need something to put on their head, so I had to make a hat to match.

I loved how the little muzzle nose turned out.

I am starting to feel Spring!!

I did get both patterns written up, which is a great accomplishment for me because I usually take days to get it finished,

The pattern is made and I had some more lack of sleep last night, so I need to get on with my next inspiration.
 Sometimes I wish I could turn it off, (the ideas) but I am grateful because I love new projects!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Beginnings

This last week we had New Beginnings with our Young Women.  Our theme was going to be based on everything is Black and White.  Meaning that in order to do the things we should be doing we don't want to find ourselves in those gray areas.  You know  we all have little gray areas in our lives, where we really aren't doing something bad, but are we really doing anything good?  We wanted to stress that in order to be where we want to be, that we should avoid those gray areas.  I needed to make some things that would just be black and white to get my point across.  So, I went to my favorite store, the DI, (Divine Inspiration), really it is a thrift store.  I found these vases and plates.

and knew if I put them together they would be perfect for what I needed.

I also found this mirror and frames which were also just what I needed.

This frame had a beautiful shape but I really didn't need what was in the middle.
Someone had gone to a lot of work on this, but I really just needed the frame.  Since they both cost $2.00 a piece I thought they would be perfect.

This is the theme for this year and here is the frame that I just spray painted white. I did the theme in black and white to get our Black and White theme across.

Can you see where those vases are?

This was the second frame that I spray painted white, added the black and white fabric, and then used a second frame that I  put in the middle, attached with Velcro.. We have been asked to do these 4 things every day, Pray, Read, Smile, Obey, 100% everyday!  I made the words in Photo shop and just made it in... you've got it,  Black and White!
There is a little hook on the bottom of the frame, so I made a tag that has 100% on it.  If we are 100% we will leave it turned around to the front, if we are not we will turn the tag over.

I added a black and white picture of Christ, in a frame that I spray painted black.

Can you spot the vase pedestals now?

I spray painted them white and added some tulle and black and white ribbon. The large flower ball I made from a Styrofoam ball and tissue paper.  I punched out a bunch of scalloped circles and attached them to the Styrofoam with straight pins.
These were some candle pedestals I had, that I just spray painted black and added the tulle, beads, flower and ribbons too.

I thought these turned out great and for about $2.00 for each pedestal I thought they were perfect!

These were perfect too!

I'm kind of liking this black and white theme.
I added the white lights under some sheer white fabric to give a little pizazz to the table  and give it some shine!

These blocks are what we have made for each young women to be given on their birthday.

We handed out these little favors at the end of the night.  The light bulbs were found at Hobby Lobby and we filled them with white six lets and attached the theme for the year.

The night was great and we will be caring this black and white theme through the yea,r and then for our Night of Excellence we will bring in all of the value colors to show that if we stay out of the gray areas that we have in our life we will really be able to shine in our values!


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