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Sunday, February 27, 2011

You really will want to check this great deal out!

Tomorrow is the last day to get this great deal for 50% off! So check it out!!

Dear Friends! Love is in the air at LIVE THE LIFE! They want to share some love and offer everyone the chance to join LIVE THE LIFE for 50% off!

Use my special PROMO CODE “LIFE2LIVE”

The 50% OFF sale is only happening from February 7 – 21. You know how much I love this program, so if you’ve been thinking about joining me in LIVING THE LIFE, this is a great time to make it happen!

The 50% OFF applies to any of the LIVE THE LIFE program Phases 1 - 4! You can buy just one phase, or get them all together. That’s only $74.99 for any program phase! Women’s or Men’s!

You can get to their website by clicking here
This is a great bargain and I can't tell you enough how great I feel and how much energy that I have.  If you have been wondering if this is the time, it's now! so get going! If I can do it, so can you!!


Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Donene,
Oh my gosh, I just read your most popular post for 2010--Oh my gosh--this is amazing! I just lost 36 and have 20 to go!
I entered you into the contest and thank you so much for being a new follower!

Cheri said...

Donene, thanks for visiting my blog and giving me tips on holding the needle and yarn. I guess I'm doing it the European way based on your description and you are right, trying to do it differently just does not work! I made a fingerless glove last night and think I'm getting much better at the tension issue. Thanks for stopping by - new follower here!


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