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Thursday, November 21, 2013


I made a pattern for these cute little slipper boots.  I was going to make them look both the same but decided to make a different version.  Then when I got done I was going to make a matching pair.  After putting the 2 together I thought they looked cute with the 2 different versions.

I guess I am kind of like that though, I'm not totally symmetrical and have always liked something a little bit different.

I thought because my hubby is SUCH a symmetrical person that these would bother him, but believe, it or not he liked them this way too.

I think it is fun to just look down at your feet and see both of them smiling up at  you.  (I think a little kid would like it too.)

This is a fun pattern and would make a great Christmas gift for some cute little toes,  if you want the pattern you can find it here;

It's kind of cold and blustery today, maybe I should make some to fit my feet!

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