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Monday, May 24, 2010

Knit headbands

These are some knit headbands that I finished over the weekend. I made the smaller one first and then decided I needed it a little bigger, so I added a few more rows and made another one. I was making it for  a friends daughter and thought the smaller one would be too small. It is really cute on but I didn't have a model, except myself so, you will just have to believe me that it is really cute on. I kind of made up the pattern and started with 6 cast on stitches and then expanded and decreased from there. I then crocheted around the edge with a contrasting color and crocheted a triple flower  and added a polka dot button for the center.

You know it was kind of funny that this knitted headband craze has not hit the East Coast yet. I see a lot of them here on the West Coast but my daughter who lives on the East coast said she had not seen any where she lives. Maybe it is just a Utah, Idaho thing! Maybe we will have to start a new fashion statement in the East. They look adorable on and I made these from cotton so you can still wear them here, I should clarify that it snowed today, even though it is supposed to be SPRING!!!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Donene,
Your headbands are so cute!! Would love to see a pic of them on. You did a lovely job croqueting them.
Have a great week,
Blessings, Nellie

malia said...

really cute + i haven't seen anything like it! visiting from its so very cheri

Kaysi said...

Those are so pretty, I love the black and white!

Unknown said...

i LOVE those, i want one!!


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