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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grand Camp!

We were able to have our 2nd annual Grand Camp on the Friday night that everyone was here and we survived another year!  We held it on Monte Cristo and  we couldn't have asked for a better night. Old three toes did not get us and we made it back safe and sound. ( well I don't know if we were sound or not but we were safe!)
McKenly really wanted to stay but she will have to wait until she is a little older.
She did get to say good bye to all of her brothers and Grandpa and she can't wait until it is her turn to come. Livy can't wait either until Sofia and McKenly can join her because she is a little out numbered!
Here is the parting shot before the Mom's drove off!
Here is another and now you can see happy Livy!
We started out with going on a hike, here we all are getting ready to take off.
Livy always got to be first because she is the girl and we taught all of the boys about girl manners.
We made it to our destination and as you can see, all of these boys take after their Grandpa, they are "Tree Huggers" too!!

Yep, Kace is a "Tree Hugger".
Evan is one too!
Layne is a "Tree Hugger"
Tydon and Jaedon tried to be "Tree Huggers"
Bryce tried too and Livy just decided she wasn't a "Tree Hugger"
We came back and roasted hot dogs and s'mores.
Then we did Indian dances around the fire as you can see these Indians were fast moving!

This looks like this Kace Indian is jumping through the fire but he was so quick the fire jumped right through him!
Then of course before we went to bed we had to have a story from Grandpa. Of course the story had to include "3 Toes" and as you can see we had to end the story quickly because it was getting dark and the story was getting a little intense. We had a great Grand Camp and look forward to having it again next year. Maybe we can all keep our "strikes" next year!


Rachel said...

The boys had so much fun. Kace told me later that he doesn't think any other grandma or grandpa's do this fun activity. He had never heard of it before! Thank YOU!

Sue said...

I have been waiting for my grandkids to get a little older, but will soon try to hold a "Cousin Camp" after we work out the logistics too (they're in 3 different states)!
It looks/sounds like you all had great fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Franks, s'mores and a tall tale about 3 toes and a family camp - what fun and the perfect ending to a great summer. And God Bless the kids grandfather for teaching them to hug trees!
Good job!


Melissa said...

What a fun thing to do with the grandkids. You are definitely giving them great memories.


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