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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm thinking Spring!

I decided to make a fabric Spring hat because it is just feeling like it should be SPRING!I lined the hat with a coordinating striped fabric and made the flower out of both fabrics. the price for this one is $12.00 I then decided to make some springy shoes did you know that this color of blue turqoise is the color for this year! I then thought I better make some boy ones to match.  These are also $12.00I did some experimenting with the felt flowers for head bands. They are on a clip so you can interchange them on any color of headband, hat ,bag or anything you would want to clip it on.The cost for these are $3.50 for the flower clip and $.50 for the band.I have a hard time coming up with as cute of ideas for boys but I thought this cap turned out okay. I probably would make the visor a little narrower but it would be great to keep the sun off of a cute little baby face. cost for this one is $10.00
So I hope this gets you inspired for SPRING! I can't wait until all of our snow is gone. Yes, we still have snow!!


Josie said...

Wow Donene! So fun to see all your darling things! You are so talented! You and Mel make it look so easy. I love the little knit hats, I am a little late to get one for my daughter now that it's nice and warm here in St. George, but I'd love to get one for next season. I'll keep an eye on your stuff!

Unknown said...

Love the booties!

Ms Muffin said...

That boy's cap is so cute!


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