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Sunday, March 14, 2010

A hand out for YW

This is the hand out and I printed it on white 8x11 inch card stock.This is the finished project.

I had this idea to give as a hand out for our YW lesson on temple marriage. I liked the idea because it was something the girls could put in their closet or hang in their room and every time they saw it they could evaluate their preparedness to go to the temple. I told them they could only hang their temple dress on this hanger so I hope it helps them "Hang on to their goals."
I wanted to find a padded white satin hanger but I was unable to find one in time for the lesson so I bought a white hanger and decorated it with white ribbon roses and made the handout to hang on to the hanger.

1 comment:

Rochelle @Home Sweet Homebodies said...

I love this idea! So clever and a great visual reminder.


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