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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby sneakers!

I started making a pattern for baby sneakers last February and I could never get them to look just right, so I made quite a few and changed the pattern several times.  I think I finally got it to look like I wanted!

I tried different ways to make the sole, some were too big and some were too small.

but then I got it just right!

I loved the color of these ones.

so cute!

I guess these could be for a baby boy or a baby girl.  I have made some really girly ones but I haven't taken any pictures yet.

Yep, kind of liking them.

I wanted to make a pattern for some smaller ones because the first ones I made were for a size 12 month to 24 months, depending on how big there feet are.

This actually is a different pattern because it had to be so much smaller, but I like how they turned out as well.

won't they be cute on some little baby feet!


Mel said...

I really like the gray and red ones! Super cute!!

Dava Hudgins said...

Can you post a paytern?? My granddaughter would look cute in a pair of ponk ones!

Dava Hudgins said...

Pattern... darn phone!!


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