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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A visit with an artist

I have a friend that is an amazing artist and I love visiting her home.  Every time I go she has a new project she has been working on. This last time I went I took my camera because she had some cute projects to show me and I wanted some pictures.  She usually paints with water colors and has some amazing paintings, but she has been working on these dancing ladies made from fabric, paper and clay. I loved them! (She also makes those cute beaded dragon flies.)

 She has them in her windows and hanging from some of her light fixtures.  Even though it is still winter out, these little ladies just made me want to dance for Spring!
Aren't they amazing! I love all of the fanciful poses they are in.

She also had told me how she loves making her felted birds.  These little birds are so cute and are made from felted wool.  She has them perched everywhere and you can't help but smile.

She decided that she was going to leave this tree up for awhile.  She had made some of the glitter balls that I had made for Christmas and she had decorated a white tree branch with white lights, birds and stars.

See how cute these little chubby birds are!  When I went to leave she gave me one of these cute little birds for my home as well.  Thanks Inga, I love visiting your creative home.

Hope you have enjoyed it as well!


Mel said...

Those dancing fairies (that what I am calling them) are adorable!! Would be so cute in a little girls room.

Becolorful said...

So I am uber impressed. How cool are those dancing women? Love them. I pinned them onto my inspiration board. :D Thanks for sharing.


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