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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wedding projects

This is the first wedding of my daughters that I have done since Pinterest was invented.  There should be a time period named after that BP (before Pinterest) and AP after Pinterest), Okay maybe not to that extreme!  But planning a wedding with a Pinterest board is so much easier.   My daughter had her boards and when she found something she liked she would pin it.  I was able to see what she liked and go from there. this first project was an idea that I found on Pinterest and I thought it would be perfect for our situation.  We have 14 grandchildren and they were all invited to the wedding and dinner.  Dinner time with this many kids can sometimes be hectic so when I saw this idea, I knew it would help.  I made quiet bags!  I talked to all of the grandkids the day before and told them that they were invited to a special adult event and that they would have to have their best table manners.  When they were finished with their dinner there would be a special bag for them and they could quietly open it and work on what was inside.  I made the bags out of muslin and stamped this quote  on the outside.

It was easier to stamp on the fabric than I thought it would be.

I then filled it with things to make the Bride and Groom a wedding card.  Stickers, crayons, a card and an envelope.  Of course, there were a few goodies as well.

It worked! I didn't hear a peep during the dinner and they were all so well behaved

My daughter in laws had a great bridal shower for her.

Loved the food!

The company!

and the bride looking like a bride with all of the wrapping trimmings.

Thanks to all who came and I've got more projects, so stay tuned!

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