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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wedding banners, doors and thank you's!

For the wedding I made many burlap banners,  I bought a bolt of burlap and the 20 yards pretty much made everything I needed in burlap for the wedding.  Above is one of the banners that we used, I made it out of burlap, chalkboard fabric, jute and felt.  Yes, you can buy chalkboard fabric, I bought it online and used it for the big chalk board, that I will show you later in the post.  I liked this banner because you could re use int by erasing the letters and writing whatever message or letters that you want.

I sewed the chalkboard fabric onto the burlap and glued the felt flowers and buttons.

 add some ribbon and tulle to the middle of each banner. Oh, I found it easier it you just sewed the banners right over the jute instead of having to thread it through later, (that is a time saver tip!)

We then wanted to make some kind of thank you's for everyone that came so I made these little muslin bags and stamped a thank you on them and filled them with mango tummies, (Caitlin wanted these because they smelled so good!) I found these tubs at TaiPan Trading, I made the mason jars look old with food coloring and glue, painted around a chalkboard and added some burlap, ribbon and music pages roses.

I liked how the bags turned out.  I just found a stamp I liked and stamped it right onto the bag.

The music page roses I made by copying some old music pages and then you make the rose by cutting out a circle and then cutting a spiral form the circle, just start rolling the spiral from the outside in and use tacky glue to adhere the rose to itself.  You can see how this is done by checking this link.

Here is how it looked at the reception!

For the guest book we had people sign a little heart note and leave a little love note for the bride and groom. You can see the love notes in the suitcase, I just tore squares of paper up and glued all kinds of paper hearts onto the one side.  I made the banner by sewing the paper hearts onto the burlap and adding cute ribbon. 

I lined the suit case with burlap because the lining was pretty old and the burlap looked so much better.

Here is the sign in table.

I made this book at Picaboo from the pictures I took for their engagement photo's.

I had gathered many old doors and screen doors for back drops.  I really didn't do anything to this door other than make a base from triangles and screwed them into the bottom and add a heart paper music rose wreath to the screen. I made the wreath by cutting out a big heart from cardboard, covering the card board with old music copies, and then gluing on the roses.

Here is where I used the Love is Patient banner.  I had an old metal headboard and used a small table for the bed and covered the table with the quilt.  This was a quilt that was made by her cousins and is her and Jocelyn's favorite quilt. I made the pillows when I redecorated our guest bedroom and they worked out perfect, (actually the guest bedroom is Caitlin's old room, so I guess they are really hers.)

I forgot to tell you that I cut the chalkboard fabric with a decorative edging wheel. ( one that I use for scrapbooking.)

I was most excited for this project. This was an old changing screen that my grandmother had and she got it from and old hospital that was getting torn down. (the old Dee Hospital)  I inherited it and have had it up in my hobby room for years.  I had this vision of it being a chalkboard, and this is where all of the chalkboard projects started. First I painted the old wood a light cram color.   I cut out the fabric to fit in the panels and used a spray adhesive to adhere the fabric to the panels. Then I found some chalkboard art that I liked and started using the Chalk! It takes a while to make you masterpiece but I love how it turned out. I made the frames by tracing around the pictures that I wanted and making chalkboard frames.  Note, before starting your chalkboard art condition the chalkboard by rubbing chalk all over the surface and then rubbing it into the surface.  It is much easier to use and when you make a mistake and want to erase, it won't be seen!

This was the very first wedding project that I made.  I knew that she wanted a draped ceiling for the reception and I knew I had to have some kind of chandelier.  Well I needed to have a BIG one for a gymnasium, so I made it out of 2 hula hoops, icicle lights, ribbon and a lot of shiny bling! I wound the icicle lights around the 2 hoops suspended the 2 with wire and added the cream ribbon withe the shiny blings that I had hot glued  onto the ribbon. I found some frosted christmas balls that looked great hanging from the hoop.  I used tulle to make the hanger for the large light and it turned out perfect!

We hung it from the basketball hoop, (you can kind of see it up there), and ran the light cord down the draped fabric. (it really isn't fabric it is plastic table cloth rolls, but hanging up there you couldn't tell that it wasn't fabric!)

Here is another old screen door and chalkboard art.  This screen door was about to fall apart especially where the handle was, in fact it had broken right in two! I used some wood that I painted a rust color to keep the 2 sides together and found a handle and painted it the same color and viola! it stayed together! I used a brown glaze on the old wood and it looked great.  For the chalkboard I found another chalkboard art that I liked and chalked away!

The triangle stand work great to use the doors free standing wherever you would like.

another banner, this one was done on my embroidery machine.

a centerpiece on one of the food serving tables.

Loved how it turned out, the pillars were from weddings for my other daughters, they were originally made from the card board used to make cement footings.  Ryan made the wood tops and bottoms. They were originally white marbled color, but I wrapped them in burlap and painted the tops and bottoms a rusty brown.

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Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Donene,
Wow, I am glad I decided to come by today, it has been awhile. All the decorations for the wedding look fabulous. You did an awesome job
and bet your daughter was beyond thrilled. Hope all is well with you,
would imagine you are recouping after all the fan fair of the wedding.
Congratulations to you and your daughter and her hubby.
Blessings, Nellie


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