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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Changing to Fall

October has come and gone and I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of Halloween!  I have taken the Halloween decor but wanted to show you how easy it is to transition to Thanksgiving.  I usually decorate for Thanksgiving because I don't like to jump right into Christmas, besides the Fall is so beautiful and I love the leaves, acorns, and colors.

So, here is my table for Halloween.

My mantle.

I liked the look of all of these jars.

Here is the top of my piano, and do you remember this eye lamp I made out of a DI light? Still love it.

Here is the top of my buffet.

and more of the piano.

I changed the mantle just a bit and made this banner from burlap ribbon.  It was not very hard because I just printed off the "Give Thanks" from my computer. (Just a word document, use the font that you would like and make a double space between each letter.  Cut them out and ink the edges and voila! you have your letters.  I actually stitched around them with my sewing machine.  I found that it is easier than gluing and I like the look.)

Now the table, using the same bottles but changing what is in them to a Fall look.

A pumpkin, leaves and acorns to fill the cloche.

I used jute to string the burlap banner and tied ribbons between each letter.

The pumpkins and gourds were some old ones that I had, I spray painted them ivory and used and old paintbrush and rust brown paint to flick the little spots on them.

Hung a garland of leaves and lights beneath the banner.  Raided my husbands deer and elk horn pile, spray painted the horns the same ivory white and love the look!

Changed the buffet just a bit with some oldies but goodies.

Now I'm ready for the rest of the Fall!

1 comment:

Mel said...

Oldies but goodies indeed! I remember that wooden turkey growing up.


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