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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Holiday home tour

Welcome to our home, I'm starting in the kitchen because that is the way most people come into our home.  That's okay with us because friends always use the back door :) We have been working on the tile in the kitchen for months and the tile is finally finished.  I chose this walnut tile because I loved the color and it really made the granite look so much better.  I'm debating on what I should do with the cabinets and if you look close you can see some paint swatches on the side of the cabinet.

I love my kitchen though because there is enough room for several cooks, and the cooks in my family make really yummy food!

When we get together everyone works on their "yummy" dish and the food is really good.
( I just noticed that I spotted one of Ryan's secret hiding spots for his almond chocolate bars, can you see them hiding on top of the cabinet?)

You can see why it has taken us so long to finish the tile, we replaced this area with tile and pulled up the carpet.  So, now there is lots of tile in here.

Having it all in the same flooring has made it nice to clean and now I can see all of the dirt, instead of it hiding in the carpet.

We decided to have a real tree this year, Mel thinks it looks like a "Charlie Brown tree, but it was great to decorate, because I had room for those large ornaments to hang.

I was glad we placed it on this side of the room because of my "vertically challenged body" I was able to reach through the top railing and decorate the top of the tree. We replaced the carpeting in here as well and I love how this stain proof carpet cleans up!

It's funny when you look close at the pictures you took and you spot things that you don't notice everyday.  This arrangement on this low table has been rearranged several times, (because I have a little 18 month old that loves to check everything out.)

We found these topiaries in Washington and they love all of the light they get here on the piano.

If you look close at the Christmas tree you can see that all of the ornaments are above the reach of an 18 month old :)

This arrangement used to be on the low table in front of the couch, but we got tired of finding the glass ornaments everywhere, and he broke a few so we didn't want him to get cut! So it's up higher now, out of his reach.

This is in the front entry.

and more of the front entry.

I should have started at the front door but we are all friends so we started at the back door.  But if you formally came to my house this is the door you would come to.

Hmm, I can see me in the window. Can you see the view we see out the front of our house in the reflection in the window?

There I am again

This is in the front entry too, I have a big room in my entry.

more of the piano 

This is really an outdoor tree but I decided to leave it inside because I was afraid it would blow off the side of the mountain and end up down below with any kind of wind.  So, I left it inside.

I'm glad that I did because it gave me a place for all  of my snow globes that we made a couple of years ago.

And because it is up on a table they have been safe from little hands.

Just a shot of the master bedroom and the holiday pillows.

Another view of the down stairs.

I finally had Ryan mount the doors on the wall and I like them so much, they look like works of art to me. ( I love old doors.)

Hope your holiday season is fun filled and family filled with lots of joy and happiness. Thanks for stopping by!


Unknown said...

I don't think I have ever noticed the brick work around the front door. Shows you how much we use it. :) looks wonderful!

Shirley said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely home, it's beautiful!
Merry Christmas!!!
Shirley Atkinson

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