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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Turtle shell prop

Here is another little photo prop I have made the pattern for.  I am loving the little beanie cap and once I figured out the pattern it was really fun to crochet. Don't worry I have included easy to follow instructions and you will want to make a bunch of them once you have finished one!

I then had to make a little turtle shell blanket to finish it off.

They way I did the pattern you can hook all of the little pentagons together at once and it makes it really fast.

The way it is crocheted it doesn't lay completely flat but I liked the look because it looks more like a turtle!

I then decided to try something more with the pattern because I loved this stitch and I made a cute slouch beanie, using the same pattern.
So when you get the pattern this pattern for the slouch hat is included.

This was made with a chunkier yarn and it is so cute on!

Hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I did! you can get it 
If you want the turtle blanket with the hat you can get it 
Thanks and have a great day!

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