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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Super Hero Christmas Eve

You may wonder why I decided to have a Super Hero Christmas Eve party.  You may remember that I have 11 grandsons(whoa, you say, what?) and anything super hero is great!  So this year's Christmas eve was themed around Super heroes! I started off by making this banner, I made it out of colored foam and found all of the super hero images on Google.  I printed them off and found it was easier to just sew them on with my sewing machine.

You could use glue but it seemed to stay down better with sewing.

Tried to think of all of these boys, super heroes.

I knew that this one is a favorite.

To tie this theme into the spirit of Christmas eve I wanted them to know that the biggest super hero in my life is this Man, we are celebrating His birth on this special night.

Of course, there is never a better hero!

As far as I am concerned he is one SUPER MAN.

Do you want to come to my Super Hero party?

I then thought about all of the super hero masks that we have and found some embroidery patterns that I was able to make in the hoop.

I did have to have one princess hero, because there would be one princess hero at our party.

Spider Man.

This is the one Trevor chose.

Off again,

on again.

This little boy did not want grandma to see him with his mask on.

Of course all of the food for the night had to be themed as well.  Everyone was given an assignment, this was our Super Man dip, Super Man DIP, (do you get it?)

More of my Super Heroes.

Really the picture did not hurt!

We had Iron Man Ham, Incredible Hulk salad, Thing stuffing, Spiderman potatoes, Thor Rolls, Relish like Batman,  Super Man Dip and Captain America dessert.

It was a Super Hero dinner!

Then we made some Super Hero's for all to take home. ( We made a nativity set for each family.)
We had a super hero piñata, and of course ended the night with all of my super hero's  re-enacting the nativity.

Our Super hero princess did not want to take off her mask to be Mary. It was a great night to celebrate Super Heroes and we were all rewarded celebrating our biggest Super Hero and to Him, I am eternally grateful.
Merry Christmas!

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