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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A disgruntled model

The timing wasn't quite right with this photo session. This little boy had other things that he wanted to do, and it wasn't model a hat for Grandma! I had finished this hat and needed someone to how it off! I took this to my grandson's basketball game because I knew little brother would be there and it was just his size. The only reason he stood still for the picture was because his Mom and Grandma made him. It was after the game and he wanted to finish playing with his friend!

He did hold still but it was all he could do to pose.

Yep, I am about finished with this modeling thing!

I think this picture was after he thought we were done and threw down the hat and went running to his friend.  His Mom and Grandma said, "NO, we aren't done!" but he was.

Thanks Tydon for being a good sport and for what it is worth, the hat looks great on you!

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